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Wallcovering Installation Tips


Wallcoverings can add depth, detail and texture to an interior space. Available in natural fibres, metallics and high performance vinyls, Instyle’s easy-to-install wallcoverings are suitable for a wide variety  of commercial and residential projects. To ensure smooth sailing for any situation, we have gathered some top tips from professional installers who have worked with our products over many years.



  • Proper wall preparation is the key to a successful installation
  • Always read the instructions supplied with the wallcovering before commencing any installation
  • Make sure the substrate is dry, free from cracks or bumps as any defects may telegraph through the wallcoverings
  • Walls should be sealed with an acrylic primer made specifically for wallcovering installation preparation


  • Avoid folding or creasing the material as these may create markings on the wallcovering
  • Check instructions for product specific advice on trimming. NB many Instyle wallcoverings are either pre-trimmed or can be double cut on the wall or ceiling
  • Always use a fresh blade for every double cut (if not butt joining the material) and ensure that the wall is not scored as seam separation can occur


  • Hang drops in sequence as cut from the roll, some products should be reverse hung, refer to the specific instructions for details
  • Booking is a pasting process in which a wallcovering is left to ‘relax’ for a period of time. During this period the product absorbs the paste creating an even adhesion. The booking time varies with the backing type and climate, the majority of Instyle’s wallcoverings should be left for approximately 10 minutes before installing
  • Start at the top of a drop and work your way down along the wall to adhere the product evenly to the substrate using a soft brush or padded roller
  • For a patterned wallcovering, it’s best to match the pattern first at eye level
  • Avoid over-working the seams to prevent damage to the face of the product while checking that the install is free from air pockets using a plastic smoother or soft brush


  • The majority of Instyle’s wallcoverings should be installed using a heavy duty, pre-mixed, clear water-based adhesive, refer to the instructions for specific recommendations
  • A clay based adhesive is recommended for some of the heavier wallcoverings such as our high performance vinyls
  • Installers often work with adhesive brands such as Roman or Vescom, which can be commonly found in professional painting stores

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