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Refined Wallcovering Collection


Introducing Marrakesh, Silt and Arpora, a curated collection of three wallcoverings that combine natural texture with high performance properties in a refined palette that is ideal for residential and hospitality spaces.


Marrakesh is a bold, high performance wallcovering with a linen-like texture. The elegant vertical woven texture was designed to embody the same captivating quality as the enchanting Moroccan city for which it is named. Available in 11 rich colours inspired by a stroll through a Moroccan souk, Marrakesh sets a new standard in Type II wallcoverings.


Emulating the fine-grained, layered texture of siltstone, our new Silt wallcovering highlights the beauty of natural fibres. This elegant wallcovering is made from hand-knotted abaca, bound with filament yarn and applied to coloured paper backing in four rich earthy tones. The beauty of this wallcovering comes from its shifting colouration, a result of weaving together naturally short fibres with a light luminous glaze, perfectly resembling the sedimentary rock in movement across the vertical plane.


Arpora is a high performance Type II vinyl wallcovering with the soft and subtle texture of a natural woven grasscloth. Available in 17 sophisticated tones, earthy neutrals blend with vibrant accents to evoke a visit to India’s colourful Beach Belt town and bustling Arpora night market. Slightly iridescent, Arpora’s natural texture blends authenticity with the durability of a high performance vinyl.