ZZ – LINE | LIFE Textile


A classic and refined textile with a linear stripe pattern from the sustainable LIFE Textiles collection


100% Australian worsted EthEco® wool

Width / Roll Size

137cm / 53m


41,500 Martindale 102,000 Wyzenbeek

Pattern Repeat

H nil V 11.4cm


upholstery, screen, wall panel

Performance Rating

CTA Heavy Duty Commercial Upholstery
ACT Heavy Duty Upholstery

Fire Test

California Bulletin 117E
BCA Group 1
AS/NZS 1530.3
AS/NZS 3837
IMOA.652(16)/IMO2010 FTP Code Pt8


- 100% sustainable, rapidly renewable content: EthEco® wool is sourced from non-mulesed sheep cared for on holistic-managed farms
- Environmentally Improved Production Process: Manufactured to strict environmental criteria, reduced water and energy use, non-potable water supply, recycling of waste, use of metal-free dyes
- Wool absorbs indoor air contaminants, benefiting indoor air quality
- Certified as low-VOC. Test certificate available on request
- 100% biodegradable and recyclable through Instyle's Revive® program

Green Star + LEED

- Line can be used on white and upholstered furniture certified by AFRDI, GECA, ECNZ and Ecospecifier (Level B + C)
- The Green Star Rating Tool states "Where at least 90% of an item's mass is certified to a GBCA recognised standard, the item can be entered as a certified product at Levels A, B or C." Therefore any fabric can be used, as fabrics are almost always under 10% by weight of a furniture item
- 100% rapidly renewable content contributes to LEED MR Credit 6 Rapidly Renewable Materials

Additional Information

* On sale to Australian customers when purchasing all stock, please refer to attached Discounted Stock available and terms
Made locally

Colourways Please refer to a physical sample as colour can vary on screens Click + to add to My Samples cart above


Edge - 12.1m*

Edge - 12.1m*

Up - 64.3m*

Up - 64.3m*

Form - 15m*

Form - 15m*

Connected - 2.6m*

Connected - 2.6m*