Phoenix | Pull-Up Aniline Leather


Raw, sophisticated and robust, this distinguished leather will become beautifully supple with age

Leather Type

Pull-Up Aniline

Hide Size / Thickness

4.5sqm / 1.3 - 1.5mm


upholstery, wall panels for commercial, residential and hospitality applications

Seating Comfort

A rating to determine seating comfort based upon the leather's ability to breathe and absorb moisture (ASTM E 96 M-05)
Level 5 - Excellent
Level 4 - Very Good
Level 3 - Good
Level 2 - Fair
Level 1 - Poor

Phoenix achieves a Very Good Seating Comfort rating

Fire Test

AS/NZS 1530.3
AS/NZS 3837
BCA Group 1
IMOA.652(16)/IMO2010 FTP Code Pt8


- Leather is an agricultural by-product
- Renewable energy use, reuse of water, waste water is treated on site through the tannery's own water purification plant, no harmful substances are used
- Certified as low-VOC
- Reusable

Green Star + LEED

Green Star: PHOENIX can contribute low VOC points to Green Star. PHOENIX can be used on white furniture certified to Ecospecifier, AFRDI, ECNZ and GECA. The Green Star Rating Tool states “Where at least 90% of an item’s mass is certified to a GBCA recognised standard, the item can be entered as a certified product at Level A, B or C.” Therefore any leather can be used as leathers are almost always under 10% by weight of a furniture item

LEED: PHOENIX can contribute low VOC points

WELL: PHOENIX can contribute to low VOC / VOC Reduction

Additional Information

- Designed to exhibit a distressed look that is at the same time traditional and highly sophisticated in appearance, Phoenix has been retanned in the traditional manner with vegetable matter, thus combining toughness and suppleness
- As with all Pull-Up Aniline leathers, Phoenix will exhibit at times extreme colour variations, particularly when stretched. Nature's handiwork in the form of scars, growth marks, fat wrinkles etc are proudly on display

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