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A pure, natural vegetable-tanned leather



Puretann is an elegant favourite from the Contemporary Leathers collection tanned exclusively with vegetable extracts. Recently featured on Tom Skeehan’s new Nave collection for Stylecraft, this speciality leather takes on another dimension in a stunning contemporary form.


The unique process of vegetable tanning gives Puretann an exquisitely soft handle of rich melting butter. Only the finest European raw hides are tanned with ethically sourced extracts from pods of the Tara tree, grown in the temperate climate of the Peruvian Andes, no chromium or synthetic tanning agents are used.


As with any pure-aniline leather, Puretann will exhibit all of nature’s hallmarks, showcasing a variety of markings such as fat wrinkles, growth marks and healed scars. Colour variation is a significant natural occurrence, each leather hide is one of a kind and perfectly imperfect.


Available in 14 classic and earthy colours, this beautiful raw leather with excellent seating comfort will develop a rich patina and age gracefully over time.