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Wallcoverings by Instyle


Instyle now offers an extensive collection of sophisticated and functional contract wallcoverings for use in hotels, restaurants, commercial spaces, retail stores and high-end residential spaces. The collection has over fifty individual wallcoverings with over 500 colourways and is divided into four categories for easy identification: Natural, Metallic, High Performance and Specialty.

Natural: The Natural collection will add organic texture to any interior space and includes wallcoverings made from materials such as sisal grass, jute, silk, cellulose, veneer and cork and features a rich and earthy colour palette.


Metallic: This sophisticated collection includes wallcoverings made from metallic leaf such as copper, platinum, silver and gold. The shimmering finishes will add a touch of glamour to hospitality and high-end residential spaces.


High Performance: Suitable for high traffic areas, this includes Type II wallcoverings which are more robust and easy to maintain. A selection of wallcoverings is bleach cleanable with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, which is ideal for Healthcare applications.


Specialty: Make an impact with these unique and diverse wallcoverings to any interior space. This collection includes bold patterns and textures made from a variety of materials such as glass beads and natural pressed leaves.


Instyle’s wallcoverings are suitable for both walls and ceilings, coordinate beautifully with Instyle’s textiles and Contemporary Leathers’ leather collections and can be viewed and searched on Instyle’s website by category, appearance, colour and performance.

International clients include Tiffany’s, Resort World Singapore, Bloomingdales, Trump Soho, The Star, Crown Casino, Monash and Deakin Universities.