VCAT Human Rights Division


Melbourne - Naarm






This contemporary interior by Venko aims to elevate the experience within the Court environment. The design removes traditionally intimidating physical barriers, shifting the narrative to a human-centred experience.

‘Our process began with the user: their needs and their humanity came first. Consulting with specialists such as Design for Dignity, Dementia Australia + the VCAT Koori Support Team to share in their knowledge. Our design detailing focused on including suitable textures, appropriate visual contrast and acoustics to suit the needs of the elderly, people with dementia and vision or hearing impaired’ says Venko.

The outcome is a calming and welcoming space, imbued with soft neutral tones and subtle textures. Our Ecoustic Sculpt Mod acoustic ceiling tiles adds depth and form, while softening the aural experience in the courts.

The Instyle studio + production team also worked closely with Venko to develop a custom design inspired by nature in our Duo Ecoustic Panels. The close collaboration between Venko’s Associate Designer Lily Grlj’s with Instyle’s Router Manager Michele Friso resulted in a beautiful leaf motif panel design, after many prototypes and persistence from both teams.

Photographer: Michelle Broadhurst

Product: Ecoustic Sculpt Mod 12mm Oxide acoustic ceiling tiles, Ecoustic Loop 25mm acoustic panels + Custom Duo Panel Dove on Olive