Ross Didier SID 23


Melbourne - Naarm




Ross Didier


We were honoured to partner with Didier for Saturday Indesign 2023.

Their stand was a vision with new and existing pieces, including the Puffalo lounge chair in Bijou leather and the Apparel collection in Kindred sustainable textile.

Puffalo celebrates the horizontal life, blending laid-back style with cool bohemian chic.

‘I liked the idea of having a slow and languorous feel to the range, using premium quality materials that create the feeling of billowing cushions on the floor’ – Ross Didier.

Apparel references fashion and costume design, through a rich narrative of sculptural forms.

‘The essence of Haute Couture celebrates individuality and makes the wearer radiate with confidence, delight and a sense of abundance. It’s this feeling we have captured in the Apparel collection, where you are invited to take your place and become enveloped in well-earned indulgence’ – Ross Didier.

Product: Bijou Tiber aniline leathers, Origin Myth, Kindred Vitality, Relate, Ideal, Bond + Zeal sustainable LIFE Textiles

Photography: Didier