Matilda Nepean


Sydney - Eora






A small private hospital, Matilda Nepean by Nettletontribe is a sophisticated approach to modern healthcare. The brief prioritised a welcoming and comfortable environment, prompting a holistic and human-centred approach.

‘Our design approach focused on replicating the refined ambience of a luxurious boutique hotel, with an unwavering emphasis on patient comfort, care and hospitality. Our core concept was based on Matilda Healthcare’s goals while also incorporating elements that reflected their context – the mountains – with the fluidity of watercolour’ says Nettletontribe.

A soft, cohesive theme with carefully curated colour schemes was developed for each sector, creating a sense of calmness and tranquillity for patients. A selection of our high performance vinyls + Crypton textiles can be seen throughout the space, upholstered onto sleek contemporary pieces from Crown Furniture.

Photographers: Freddy Morales + Chiara Gavuzzi

Furniture: Crown Furniture

Artist collaboration: Pamela Pauline

Product: Zone Dream, Equator, Border, Cruising, Luxe Dover, Bronze, Tex Clay + Kudos Myth high performance additive-free vinyls + custom printed Aero Natural high performance Crypton textiles