Lawson Flats


Perth - Boorloo




Finespun Architecture + Ohlo Studio


Lawson Flats is an Art Deco Jewel. Originally constructed as an apartment block in 1937, the new social club is set over three floors in a collection of rooms fit for work, life and play. Starring an art gallery, bar and dining room, pool room, sauna, movement studio, gym, karaoke room and co-working space, the establishment boasts a contemporary work-play, mind-body mindset.

‘Lawson Flats began with an opportunity. As the world was put on pause, we started thinking about how we could make it better when things resumed. We wanted to redefine what it meant to be social. To do this, we needed a venue. Lawson Flats was the perfect mix – a place conceived in an aspirational spirit, that has been throughout its life a beacon for emerging ideas and coming together’ – Lawson Flats.

A rich tapestry of old and new art mixed with exquisitely curated vintage furniture creates a striking display of tone and colour. Our Esprit sustainable wool textile in vivid red stars on exquisite upholstered chairs.

Product: Esprit Desire sustainable LIFE Textiles

Photographer: Traianos Pakioufakis

Featured: Yellowtrace