Baldivis Sports Complex


Perth, Australia




Site Architecture


The scope of this immense sports complex by Site Architecture includes four indoor courts, three multi-purpose function rooms, a cafe, bar and kiosk. The complex is built over four buildings on an interconnecting landscape of ovals and playing fields.

‘We established a strong design narrative for the new facilities which were deeply local, referencing the existing surrounding natural woodland through the analogy of a tree canopy. The overall experience of the place is for the spectators to feel like they gathering under the trees, a sheltered refuge within the vast open fields’ says Site Architecture.

Each space is visually connected to the rest in a cohesive design language, reflecting the idea of a ‘healthy community’. Ecoustic panels and tiles are used throughout to optimise sound absorption within a timber focused palette of hard finishes. Zone vinyl also adds some softness to the space on sculptural breakout seating.

Photographer: Dion Robeson

Product: Zone Wetland, Pedestrian and Border high performance additive-free vinyls, Ecoustic Pewter 8mm Panel on operable walls, Ecoustic Matrix Opal + Spray acoustic wall tiles in the cafe