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New Farm to Fabric™ Traceability Program


For the first time in the commercial interiors industry, customers can now trace their LIFE Sustainable Textiles® back to the origin in Instyle’s new Farm to Fabric™ traceability program.


Farm to Fabric™ allows customers to select a fabric and see how it’s made, beginning with the farm that produced the EthEco® wool. The program first pinpoints the farm’s location on a map, where customers can see a typical farm and how they are managed with minimal environmental impact.


Traditionally, a textile supplier would rarely deal with the farmers, who are at the other end of the supply chain.Instyle’s Managing Director Michael Fitzsimons says “Since developing our sustainable textile collection several years ago we have met farmers who through holistic farm practices are improving the health of the land, each farm had a fantastic story to tell”.


By focusing on the ‘whole’, these forward-thinking farms enhance eco system processes; and improve soil health, biodiversity and groundcover. “The farms featured are typical of the farms where we source our EthEco® wool” says Fitzsimons. Most of the EthEco® wool producing farms are located in Australia with a small percentage in New Zealand.


Farm to Fabric™ allows the customer to see the whole manufacturing process, including yarn spinning, fabric weaving and dyeing, which are carried out to strict environmental criteria. The Farm to Fabric™ traceability program is accessible through Instyle’s website and is available for most LIFE Textiles®, with new products added each year.