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New Elmosoft Colours


Our popular Elmosoft chrome-free leather has been recoloured by the British designer Georgina Wright. Highly regarded for her extraordinary flair with colour, Georgina has introduced 33 new colours to this durable semi-aniline leather, resulting in an extensive fresh colour palette developed for the contract market.


A selection of existing colours were dropped from the range, which left many possibilities of introducing new colours. A process began of grouping colours together, assessing their balance and tone, depth and strength of colour. The colours needed to blend across the range so there is a good group of light, medium and darker shades that complement each other.


Georgina says, “An object or material itself has an influence over what colours would be most appropriate, for it to find a most satisfying solution. One product in a colour, which is pleasing and whole to the eye, can be completely unacceptable in another colour”.


“A search has to be made to find a solution, which brings satisfaction to the market both in terms of a product’s requirements, and also in colours that bring beauty and enhance the material in which the product is made.”

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