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Frequency, Gilded Cork, Sri Lanka


FREQUENCY, GILDED CORK and SRI LANKA are three new unique and compelling wallcoverings that are ideal for commercial and residential interiors. Each design reflects a distinctive and refined character and emphasise tactility, luxury and elegance.


FREQUENCY is a high impact wallcovering that fuses a bold and large-scale pattern with a soft, beautiful texture. Inspired by the music of the 70’s and the visual representation of a sound wave, the FREQUENCY pattern is created by weaving thousands of individually laminated linen-blend yarns. FREQUENCY is available in a refined colour palette of seven semi-metallic hues derived from vintage tie-dye designs.


GILDED CORK is a textural and metallic wallcovering that has been updated with 10 new luxe colourways. The opulent palette emphasises the lustrous metallic leaf finish, complemented by the inherent rich and organic quality of the natural cork backing. GILDED CORK is made from renewable cork and cellulose, as well as free from hazardous chemical additives, PVC, chlorine and heavy metals. Combing textural and metallic radiance, GILDED CORK can add depth and luxury to any interior space.


SRI LANKA is a textural wallcovering bursting with rich and vibrant colours that are inspired by the colourful and lively street scenes of Sri Lanka. This timeless wallcovering boasts a unique combination of a refined sisal grasscloth texture that complements its bold solid-colour palette. SRI LANKA is made from rapidly renewable materials and free from hazardous chemical additives, PVC, chlorine and heavy metals.