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Foliar + Ecoustic Foliar by Adam Cornish


Instyle is excited to release two unique modular tile products, Foliar and Ecoustic® Foliar, designed by Australian industrial designer Adam Cornish in collaboration with the Wovin design hub. Foliar is a beautiful, interactive wall feature that mimics the natural shapes found in plants and foliage.


The aim with Foliar was to design a wall surface that can be created and altered by the user. The flexible leaf sections can be laid flat or folded up to create textural curved elements, allowing the individual to change the environment around them.


Evolving from the Foliar concept is Ecoustic® Foliar (below), a dynamic wall feature made from at least 50% recycled PET and designed to provide quality sound absorption. Achieving an NRC 0.65 on its own and NRC 0.80 with an Ecoustic® Infill, the faceted leaf tiles of Ecoustic® Foliar will assist in absorbing, scattering and diffusing sound thereby improving the acoustics of the interior space.


Foliar and Ecoustic® Foliar can be installed as endless tessellating formations, arranged in clusters or scattered, that grow and multiply similar to the cellular structures it was inspired by and to suit the shape of their environment.

Consisting of a base and leaf tile, Foliar and Ecoustic® Foliar are available in 5 base colours, and 7 leaf colours and 16 leaf colours respectively, allowing for extensive colour combinations. Both tile products are extremely quick and simple to install. The leaf component easily fastens in place with magnets allowing for ease of installation and reconfiguration by the user.