Practical Guide to Room AcousticsRefuel CPD Presentation

Instyle is offering a 1 hour CPD Presentation on Room Acoustics,  accredited by the Institute of Architects Refuel program.

Learn how to create acoustic balance using key acoustic design principles and appropriate specification. The following topics will be covered:  

  • Fundamentals of sound
  • Human reaction to noise 
  • Acoustic test data
  • Acoustic treatments
  • Design considerations in workplace, education and hospitality

The presentation can be held either virtually or in your office, the presentations are free and catering can be provided for all attendees.

All attendees receive 1 formal CPD point.

A 30 min practical guide to room acoustics for interior designers is also available.



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    “We found the CPD session on Room Acoustics offered by Instyle to be very engaging and informative. It offers a clear introduction to the mechanics which drive our auditory experience within a space along with options for how to harness those mechanics for a positive design outcome. ”

    Tony Lam, Senior Architect

    “The delivery was engaging, with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussions, shedding light on acoustic importance to be addressed within design.”

    Ellie Ross, Interior Designer

    “The group found the presentation extremely informative and useful in understanding the technical aspects of room acoustics and importantly how this relates practically to the design of interiors using this valuable knowledge – with one of the many responses below –
    Thank you very much for organising a truly interesting and informative presentation. I think we can all take something away from that one.”

    Simone Schade, Senior Interior Designer
    IA Group

    Paul’s interest in acoustics started whilst training to be a classical musician at Trinity College of Music, London. After graduating and performing professionally in Europe for several years, Paul moved to Australia to establish a new career path.

    With an appreciation of the importance of good sound design, Paul joined Instyle in 2009 and has spent the last 10 years educating architects and interior designers on acoustic characteristics within interior environments and how to apply appropriate noise control.

    Building acoustics can have a significant impact on health, wellbeing, communication and productivity and is therefore a critical element during the design phase. Paul offers a combination of acoustic fundamentals, influences that can effect the quality and intelligibility of sound, and practical ways to incorporate this knowledge using case studies to highlight a variety of different applications. Paul is an approved AIA Refuel CPD presenter.