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Atelier, Guild + Vanguard


Instyle’s latest textiles showcase traditional weaving techniques, giving a nod to the past that is reinterpreted for the modern day. To celebrate the versatility of this cohesive collection, Instyle partnered with stylist Megan Morton to bring her fresh signature style to these luxurious textiles.


Atelier is a beautiful, soft and luxurious velvet available in 41 colours. Velvet has been the richest of all textiles since historic times. Once revered as a sign of prosperity and used only in the regal high end residential domain, velvet is reappearing as a new hero in workplace and hospitality interiors worldwide.


Guild captures the magnificent essence of intricate Jacquard weaving with a loop pile construction. Its sculptural quality provides body and stability as well as creating a highly durable textile with a striking striped aesthetic.


Vanguard is the most graphic of the trio. Showcasing the strength and simplicity achievable with the interlacing of two coloured yarns in a flat woven Jacquard construction. Vanguard celebrates the humble drawn line, one of the basic elements of design, in a dynamic geometric way.