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Hear Yourself Think by Dowel Jones


Instyle partnered with Dowel Jones to create a conceptual and interactive installation exploring the theme of ‘Hear Yourself Think’. Instyle’s brief for ‘Hear Yourself Think’ draws on the increasing demand for sound-absorbing materials to reduce distracting noise in interior spaces, allowing people to connect with each other and for individuals to gather their thoughts. In an interview below Dowel Jones reveals their concept and design process for the Hear Yourself Think installation.


Can you describe your concept behind the Hear Yourself Think installation?

Our Hear Yourself Think installation for Instyle is interested in the idea of vocalising our thoughts. Through the use of large diameter tube wrapped in Ecoustic material, those verbal thoughts travel throughout the room before coming back and echoing those protected thoughts to the participant louder than any other noise in the space.


How did you approach the concept for Hear Yourself Think, what was the inspiration and was this a collaborative effort with the Dowel Jones team?

Our approach from the beginning was to have a participatory element to the installation. As we have not produced any soft furnishings or textile pieces in the past, we didn’t feel particularly restrained by using the Instyle materials in a way that had been used previously. Our small but agile team at Dowel Jones spent considerable time exploring how we could allow those using the installation, to vocalise thoughts and allow a moment of consideration.


Does the Hear Your Think installation reflect the Dowel Jones aesthetic?

As Dowel Jones has been developing its aesthetic over the past 4 years, we’ve found that through site-specific installation we can explore this even further without the need for any commerciality controlling how far we can take a concept. Instyle allowed us the flexibility and creative control to explore a more conceptual approach to their Ecoustic textile.


Visit our Melbourne showroom until September 2017 to view the Hear Yourself Think installation.